Tuesday, 25 August 2009

time for a snooze!

man oh man i am pooped! i didn't sleep very well....if you are going to be a regular reader of this blog you'll hear that a lot. i've never been a great sleeper...but anyway!
Today I received a WONDERFUL AMAZINGLY THOUGHTFUL care package from my Aunt Janet loaded down with fabulous American things! I'm all set for next 4th of July! I will have a party so help me God!
I had a delicious Thai meal with Mr Woo and Mumsie Woo {aka Pip aka mother-in-law}.
After our meal we went to a new bookstore that just opened down the road....then we stopped by the in-laws house to check out the work they're having done to it. The dog and cat went wild {as usual}. I ended up with a rather loud and heavy cat draped around my neck and a hyperactive attention seeking dog in my lap.
From there Mumsie Woo and I took Charlie the bat ear-ed staffy for a walk through my wonderland.
After what felt like a busy day I got home, had a shower, put groceries away, hung up a load of laundry to dry, checked all of my inboxes, checked out the hus' mad computer skills, made my mental checklist of what needs done tomorrow for the birthday shindig we're hosting, watched a how-to video about vintage flower looms, had a cup of tea & brownie, am writing this to declutter my brain....and I am going to climb into my bed and fall asleep watching a Juju video.
*Life is Sweet *
Party time tomorrow!!!!!

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