Monday, 17 August 2009

A Little Stroll Through Wonderland....

On Sunday Mr Woo asked me if I might like to join him for a stroll through the village.
Before wandering into greener pastures we HAD to stop by the village shop of ice cream - I had my first Feast {I should have stuck with Twisters I think}, we also grabbed a bottle of water like the true outdoorsy types we are!
We ended up in a bit that I hadn't seen before. The further we walked the more overgrown it seemed to become I felt like I was Alice falling into Wonderland.
Being that I'm a city girl, I am still totally in awe of the countryside. The tall hedgerows and blackberries growing wild excite me, oh how I wished I could knock out a few quick watercolors a la Charles Rennie Macintosh or Beatrix Potter.
By and by I got sick of carrying the massive bottle of water - much to my delight there was a bit of twine stuck in the hedge - a slip knot later and I had my own bespoke water bottle carrier!
Poor Mr Woo, he had previously picked out a special spot for us to sit under a tree and neck, the field containing the tree was no more. There were some diggers and large piles of manure in it's place.
We started home.
I didn't see all of the wild fruit growing on the way out, but it was a bounty on the way in! The biggest juiciest blackberries you've ever seen! Damsons! And THREE WILD RASPBERRIES! I tried to wait for Mr Woo to get his phone camera set to macro but it was all getting too much. I snatched those ruby red berries right off the spiky vine! I managed enough self control long enough for him to snap a photo - then one by one I savored their gloriousness. Never in my life, and I'm serious, have I tasted such sweet and flavorful raspberries. I will never be content with store bought ones again.

I've been trying to hunt down a basket so that I can take a walk down to wonderland to collect more of it's treasures...I'm still looking...this is my dream basket.

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