Thursday, 20 August 2009

do you ever feel like this....

Am I the only one who feels guilty when I'm not doing something. If I'm watching TV I need to be crafting something. If I'm laying in bed I need to be reading or knitting. In the bath...reading....
If I'm cooking I need music or the radio on. OVERSTIMULATED MUCH! Overstimulated and exhausted.

You probably won't know this but at the moment I'm waiting on my spouse visa from the Home Office. I'm an American Girl married to an English Gentleman. I was on a voluntary worker visa which allowed to me volunteer with one particular organization in Scotland which is now closed.
Before getting married I had to apply for all sorts of permission from the government to get in order to work and actually stay over here with my Mr Woo I need a spouse visa.
I've been gathering information and preparing for a year. I finally sent the application off in the middle of June. I've been waiting, the average wait is 3 months.
I haven't been able to work since May 2008. If I take any "cash in hand" work I am in violation of my current visa agreement and risk deportation!

SO. I've got a lot of time on my hands while I wait. (and a mountain of unpaid bills).

At first it was a dream come true....but after a while it becomes overwhelming.

I can not contribute any money to our little family at the moment so I guess I feel like I've got to bust my hump in every other possible way. Cook all the meals, clean every room (except Mr Woo's man cave - I don't go in there! too many wires and beeping noises!), take care of the hedgehog, wash and dry and put clothes away, craft like mad in hopes that I'll sell it all on Etsy and become rich so we don't have to work so hard. I know it isn't right but sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even feel frustrated or fed up because I'm not a contributing member of society at the moment!

Sorry, just feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment....


  1. I hope you get some good news soon :) And what job would you prefer if you could work? I am definitely a doer like you. read in the bath, check, knit/crochet/read or scrapbook in bed, check, music/telly on whilst doing housework, check, any other crafty thing whilst cooking dinner, waiting for washing to finish in machine, feeding small person, watching telly etc, check. I cannot just sit, so I know what you mean. But we're women. Woman means "multitask"

  2. My dream job is as an art therapist working with children. I'd love to do anything creative that is also beneficial, healing if you will. I was a graphic designer for a while before I came over here, that was good. Strangely I also LOVE organising so I might make a great admin assistant.
    Today I did make myself lay around and sleep in...I was laying there listening to the radio and knitting! It was the best I could do :)


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