Monday, 31 August 2009

check out my clucker!

isn't she lovely!

I was super excited to find this milk glass hen! I found her in a charity shop for £2.50!
I've been trying to learn more about her...but I'm not having a great deal of luck.

I know she is a bowl that one was meant to keep a dozen eggs in. From what I can gather she is from the 1950s. She's not terribly valuable monetarily , but I think she's a treasure!
The man at the charity shop said that he used to get shopping for an older lady that lived next door when he was a child and she had one of these! Only she kept money in hers instead of eggs! When she'd send him out to get a few things she would say to him "come on let's go get you something out of the chicken" :)
My wee hen is all the more a treasure to me because she brings back lovely memories for people.

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